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BeeScala is an annual conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The idea was sparked one summer night of 2016 during a conversation with Konrad ‘ktoso’ Malawski in Krakow. What was initially thought to be a larger meetup, organically grew into the first international Scala conference in Slovenia.  

The BeeScala 2017 conference was a great success with over 150 energized attendants coming from 23 different countries, listening to 18 amazing speakers from all over the world. We are very grateful to the 7 sponsors that enabled us to host such a conference. After a break in 2018 (explained on the About page), we are answering the community call and organizing this year’s conference from November 21st to November 23rd 2019.

We hope you will join us in promoting functional programming, Scala and adjacent technologies. Your sponsorship enables us to keep this conference original and unforgettable, so attendees will keep coming back year after year. It also helps us ensuring that the sessions are recorded and available online for free.

BeeScala is organized with endless enthusiasm and heartfelt sense for the community. 

This year we will be gathering 200 enthusiasts for 3 intense days at the mighty medieval fortress, standing on the Castle Hill above downtown Ljubljana. There will be both presentations and workshops. In order to create the best possible conference, we want to be able to pay for travel and accommodation for some of the speakers, food for attendees, and other things that makes this conference great. 

Yours sincerely,

Gorazd Kozmus

BeeScala 2019 Sponsor’s Guide



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Company logo on the conference website
Company logo on the conference lanyards +€1,000
Company logo on the conference T-shirts+€1,000
Free conference tickets12482
Invitation to the speakers’ dinner13
Exhibition table/booth
Swag/leaflets/stickers at the registration table
Logo in every official mail to attendees
Roll-up in the expo hall
Roll-up in the auditorium
Promotion on BeeScala social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube)
Speech before keynote
Public acknowledgement in opening ceremony
Your message in the newsletter to attendees
Post-conference analytics
Image ad in all talk videos+€1,000
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