Hrvoje Crnjak Team Lead @ Oradian

Hrvoje Crnjak

Hrvoje is a Team lead at Oradian, a fintech startup. He entered the world of software development programming microcontrollers and FPGA circuits. After he got the handle on that, he decided to play with Java. He was doing that for 8 years working on several big international projects (and some not so big). Then he got bored, so he started learning the strange ways of front-end development, so that he could finally say he’s a full-stack developer. He did a couple of single-page apps (React + Java), and then wandered off into the the world of Scala. For the past 2 years he’s been a proud Scala developer.

As he got older he developed an appetite for sharing his knowledge with the IT community which led him to speaking engagements such as this one.
He’s a software nomad always interested in learning new technologies and methodologies, and never completely satisfied with his or anyone else’s code.

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