Become a speaker

Become a speaker

For newbies in the speaker world, we have compiled(*) a useful collection of links on challenges such as finding a topic, writing a good abstract, making good slides, keeping a good presentation, and how to handle the Q&A session.

– In Finding Your Killer Talk Idea, Rachel Nabors shows the way from the idea to the talk and explains how a lecture must be structured to be successful.
– In her video The secret structure of great talks Nancy Duarte explains the architectural structures that are common to all great lectures.
– In a vivid way, Zack Holman explains how developers create slides that support their presentation and are aesthetically pleasing: Slide Design for Developers.
– Camille Fournier gives insights into her personal way of making a talk. The result can be seen here: My process: Writing a talk.
– Matt Haughey writes in An Introvert’s Guide to Better Presentations: “Improving your public speaking hating crowds on his own development process to become a seasoned speaker”.
– Mack Collier shares his experiences in an entertaining way, from the initial panic attack to the sovereign speaker, in How To Be An Amazing Public Speaker, Especially If You Are An Introvert.

– Even experienced speakers can become queasy when the audience starts to ask questions. In How To Respond To Anything In A Q&A, Judith Humphrey gives tips on mastering the Q&A session with confidence.
– Anita Bruzzese considers Q&A sessions the best part of a lecture. How to Handle Q&A’s Without Falling Apart explains how interesting and instructive the question and answer session can be for the speaker.

* – shamelessly borrowed from the ScalaDays website


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