WORKSHOP: Instrumenting for Production Deployments with Kamon

On this workshop we will learn how to instrument Play Framework and Akka applications to get metrics and distributed tracing using Kamon before deploying to production.

This is how it goes down:
– First we will learn all the terminology and concepts behind modern instrumentation libraries and ensure we are all on the same page when it comes to metrics, traces and distributed context propagation using Kamon APIs to construct small examples that will later lead to real world applications.
– Then we will apply what we learned while instrumenting a few example applications built with Play Framework and Akka HTTP. Feel free to bring your own microservice and we will help you get it ready for production!

By the end of this workshop you should be able to install Kamon’s automatic instrumentation on any JVM service and know how to create custom metrics and spans for your applications.

Participant Prerequisites:
– Have SBT and means of cloning a Git repository from GitHub.
– Access to the participant’s monitoring tool of choice. We will use a free Kamon APM account on the second part of the workshop to demonstrate the instrumentation results, but any participant proficient enough in Prometheus, InfluxDB, Zipkin, Jaeger, Datadog or any other tool could use their own solution if they want to.


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