the origin

BeeScala is an annual conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia focused on the Scala programming language and accompanying technologies. The initial idea was sparked one summer night of 2016 during a conversation between Gorazd Kozmus and Konrad ‘ktoso’ Malawski in Krakow. What was initially conceptualized to be a larger Scala meetup in this part of Europe, organically grew into the first international Scala conference in Slovenia.

The conference is brought to you by the altruistic crew who introduced a new standard for a great conference. Our approach to conference organization is unconventional but above all holistic – we value every aspect of our attendees and our speakers. We strive for a multilayered and unforgettable experience forged by the people for the people. Our aim is to strengthen the human ties and empower our common potential through and by technology. We settle for nothing less.


and then there were two

With the instant success of the 1st edition of the BeeScala a daring idea came in place. Next year we would organize not one, but two conferences – BeeScala 2017 in Ljubljana and another one, named Scala Swarm, in Porto, Portugal. After establishing a solid Scala presence in Slovenia, we decided to put another Scala conference on the map where the community is small but growing. Crazy enough, against all odds, Scala Swarm turned out to be one of the most memorable events in years (according to the feedback from the community). They do say good things come in pairs, don’t they!

'the sabbatical'

Just days after Scala Swarm 2017, Gorazd Kozmus, the driving force behind the events, received news that his daughter is affected by a severe medical condition called infantile nephrotic syndrome. With barely six months of age, Luna Sia was the youngest conference attendee at Scala Swarm. In the following months, until the present day, the managing of the disease completely engulfed Gorazd’s time and energy. As hard as it was, the decision to cancel the 2018 editions of both conferences was made.

Brief story about Luna’s condition can be read on the fundraiser page.

where are we going

The absence of the BeeScala and Scala Swarm in 2018, left a big void in the community. After disclosing the cause for the events being cancelled and reaching out to the Scala community, I was overwhelmed by the immense support shown. That gave me a great surge of energy and realization that I am not alone. It was then that I decided to continue with my mission to advocate for the Scala language and technologies built with and around it by connecting its community. We are bringing back the BeeScala conference in 2019 and “swarming” forward with Scala Swarm in 2020!


Gorazd Kozmus



Where does the name BeeScala come from?

Slovenia is a nation of beekepers. Apis mellifera carnica, known also as the Carniolan honey bee, is an indigenous Slovenian subspecies of bee renowned for its docility, hard work, humility and excellent sense of orientation – in a way like Slovene people. The way that the Scala programming language enhances productivity, it seemed perfectly valid to associate the two. 

See also: 20 May, World Bee Day, The Telegraph article: The surprising nation that loves bees more than anywhere else in the world.

Why then Scala Swarm?

Swarming is the process by which a new honey bee colony is formed when the queen bee leaves the colony with a large group of worker bees. Given the fact that Scala Swarm conference was spawned by BeeScala, the analogy somehow made a good fit. Plus the logo design kind of came for free.



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