A little Goes goes a long way

Back in 2017 she was a Java/J2EE and Android developer. She dove in Martin Odersky’s Scala course on Coursera and started watching talks from various Scala conferences. She wanted to learn more and be able to write beautiful code and use the libraries appropriately.

A colleague suggested that she attends Scala conferences in order to learn more and interact with the builders of things directly. Soon she declared her goal publicly on Twitter where it was noticed by @BeeScalaConf.

We were inspired with her enthusiasm so we offered her a free ticket for BeeScala 2017 without hesitation. Due to the relaxed and inviting nature of the BeeScala conference, she really had the opportunity to talk to everyone, including the speakers like Luka Jacobowitz and even Jon Pretty

To top the experience we have invited her to join us at the Speakers’ Dinner. Soon she started to feel more comfortable writing code because she knew people she could ask for help or suggestions. At the Scalar Conference 2018 she met John A. De Goes in person and told him about her enthusiasm to learn functional programming. He took her under his wing and not long after she started contributing to scalaz8  and the new ZIO library. Since the end of 2018 she started giving talks at various Scala User Groups around Europe and was accepted as a speaker at ScalaDays 2019.

These are her own words:

I am the #1 fan of John De Goes thanks to him, I make progress faster, he is a great mentor! He is an inspiration for me and a great example to follow…I like attending conferences to be surrounded with positive and successful people, and I like learning from trainings and contribution in open source. I am grateful for everyone who helped me, and encouraged me.

We are proud to see her return to the BeeScala Conference as a speaker – please meet Wiem Zine Elabidine!

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